Thursday, March 27, 2008


Ok it’s a blog update!
I have been making Mugs for BBEST on Etsy.
BBEST is one of the teams I belong to.
What an amazing group of people!
I have never seen so much talent, friendship and support in one place!
I’m so very happy to have found this group!!!
This is a video of me making a mug for Beth


ZudaGay said...

Great blog post, Pearl!! I love this video!!! It makes me want to sit and watch you all day! You look so cute in your Scottie apron!

Jill said...

Hi, Pearl. Your video makes me want to get my little wheel and give it a try! It's clay. If it doesn't turn out, I can throw it back in the bucket and try again!
You do such amazing work!

PFE Music said...

Surrealistic process!

liv said...

I love to see how the clay comes to life!

Sixsisters said...

Love the video Pearl and your site is cool.