Monday, January 28, 2008

Raku and Porcelain

This is a piece of wheel thrown porcelain that was raku fired.
I absolutely love the way this looks but do to the raku firing process its very hard to not loose the pieces to thermal shock..


ZudaGay said...

Oh my goodness, Pearl, that is totally amazing!!! The colors, the depth and all your special touches you put into the design. Great piece...and raku is so cool!!!

melanie said...

Hey Pearl :)
It is looking great in here and now I know where you are I can add you to my links. I need to get back into blogging now and also get my links sorted out on the new blog, in fact I feel a new one coming on.
Hope you are well petal!!

Puddle Duck said...

Gosh I realised I should have logged in under this account as the melanie one now has been and gone!
Anyway nice to pop in again!!

Puddle Duck said...

Hey Pearl..
Just put a video on my blog you may like ;)
That is if yer into men with long hair and tight pants! And who isn't eh?
It is Led Zep and I have a feeling you may likey!

soandsewcrafty said...

OMG...that is STUNNING! The colors and texture look amazing!

marion said...


Puddle Duck said...

Hiya Pearl :)
I shall be in touch real soon!!


PFE Music said...

Neat Piece!!!

Chauncey said...

This is sooooo cool!