Saturday, October 04, 2008

I've been tagged!

Well I just copied this off Judy’s page
Being tagged means you're charged with revealing six facts about yourself that most people don't know, and then tagging six other people who need to do the same thing.

Maybe 6 of you could do this also? I have know clue how to find people to do it..

Well let’s see 6 things about me that everyone might not know…

1. I have lived in the same house for 35 years, all of my kids, grandkid and niece came home from the hospital to this house..

2. I have a huge collection of self-help books, DVD’s and audio books..

3. I light candles and burn incense for everything, my family & friends call me up when something is wrong and ask me to for them also..

4. I think Author and Celeb chef Anthony Bourdain is as about as beautiful as any guy can get!

5. I still listen to music on vinyl and have way over 500 Lp’s including almost every Beatles album released in the US

6. Signing up on Etsy and joining BBEST has been an awesome thing in my life. I have made amazing friends and gained the confidence in my work that I needed to put myself out there and not worry if I was good enough..