Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue Forest of Eden Valley, Wyoming, USA

 On my quest today to find stones for something im working on I got sidetracked as always!
This is a AWESOME rock from my grandmothers house... its been sitting here in my office for about 10 years and today I wanted to share it with you!
 I have always known where it came from and that she loved petrified wood but thought this was a cool little history about what we grew up calling Eden valley petrified wood...

The petrified Blue Forest in Eden Valley, Wyoming, was formed from fallen trees that lived about 50 million years ago in a swampy area. When the trees died and fell into the swamp, they were rapidly covered with algae – this was a good thing. The algae formed casts that preserved the original bark surfaces of the trees and kept them from decaying. The wood shrunk and eventually it, the algae casts and the spaces between them were filled in by minerals, often in exquisite, crystalline form. Blue agate is one of the beautiful minerals displayed by petrified trees from the Blue Forest, and it’s even more appealing when complemented by white quartz crystals and golden Calcite inclusions.

 Sharpie to show size...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

OMG work is soooooo fun!!

The questions are real...only my answers have been changed to protect my sanity.
Q.. I need a USB cord
A.. USB to what ding dong!
Q.. where’s the computer ink
A.. ummm computes don’t use ink do they?
Q.. what’s that new movie out with that one guy in it?
A… I have know flipin clue!
Ok that’s my Friday night fun…