Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wow!!! You guys are awesome sweet!!!!!

I guess I will tell more of the story now that I have calmed down a bit… her rent was not paid she thought she was making a point by staying to use up her deposit because the place was badly infested with bed bugs and they were loosening there high dollar beds over it… the way it works in Colorado is 30 days after you don’t pay your rent to get a note on your door from the police… well she never got one.. We believe the manger took it knowing the kind of things she had in her appt. she had choose to live in the inner city with bums and homeless people on every corner..
So we are hoping their things that the manger did not get will help these people in some way.
It does make your skin crawl a bit thinking of people pawing through everything including you dirty laundry..

My kids are very strong and yes she will bounce back stronger then ever… she was raised “What does not kill us only makes us stronger!”

Thank you all so much for reading and sending good thought our way.. If feels my heart and reminds me what awesome people there are out there…
You guys are the BBEST friends ever!!!!


Myfanwy said...

If this is her attitude you have brought her up the right way. You're right, Pearl. She will be OK, but it's still a difficult time for you all.

Todd said...

That's a great attitude to have. Having been through many things in my life, I know now that I am stronger and even better for having had those experiences. It's not a lot of fun while they are happening . . . but the sun always comes up everyday and there is a new chance to make each day better. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is "I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it."
So glad to have met you through the mud team!!
Todd in Santa Fe

Night Sky said...

You've had the night to think about it, and it seems that you have accepted it and are ready to deal with what needs to be done from here on out. I know you are a strong and good natured person, and will be able to help your daughter get settled somewhere else, but at the same time, I hope you will be able to recover some of the loss from the landlord. Note or no note, the end of the month comes at midnight on the last day of said month.

Big hugs coming at you.

Lily-Wren said...

Hey Pearl,
Gosh that sounds a dreadful, I haven't been aware of all this but I shall send lots of light over there!

Blessings to you and yours for 2009(hopefully I can get blogging a bit more!)

oxo :)