Monday, April 28, 2008

PayPal Fairy bait Jars

These are my PPF bait jars, they are one of my favorite things to make!
Some of the people on the EAST - EarthPath Artisans Street Team were making all kinds of really fun things for paypal fairy bait and this was what I came up with..

I love crystals and they are something I have LOTs of so it came together well I think..These jars are really hard to part with for me and particularly the ones that have crystals from my very personal stash. They are much more personal then a lot of the other pieces I make..

I hope the people that get them love the as much as I do!!!
Thought I should add these 3 PPF jars have all found homes! How awesome it that!!!!!


ZudaGay said...

I think they are wonderful!!!! The raku jars are amazing all on their own, but you add just the right amount of embellishments to make them super special!!! Also....a great post, Peal!!!

Judy Nolan said...

These jars are dreamy! I can see how they would be difficult to part with.--JN Originals